How to find a trustful wholesale hair vendor

How to find a trustful wholesale hair vendor

The hair market has grown tremendously and is thriving to say the least. The increase in hair demand has resulted in the growth of wholesale hair vendors.  When establishing your business or having an existing one already, they are the go-to people for various hair options at affordable prices. Since the vendors are many, finding a supplier to work and rely on is crucial for the smooth running of your business. This post explains ways of finding a trustworthy wholesale hair vendor.

Tips to finding a reliable wholesale hair vendor

Not all hair suppliers fall into the trustworthy category. Therefore, you should make a careful selection to avoid putting your business at risk. The following are steps to follow to achieve this.

1.      Research and shortlist appropriate wholesale hair vendors

Researching helps you prioritize some vendors over others based on online information or other people's feedback. There's a mixture of sellers on shopping platforms or sites like AliExpress and Alibaba. It can be challenging to know who is good or bad at first glance. Take time to google and narrow down your numbers to at least five vendors. Pay attention to their website's validity, its status, the information provided, and customer reviews. Look for specific details from each of them and shortlist those who meet the criteria.

2.      Familiarize with the selected wholesale hair vendors

After creating a list, communicate with the suppliers and ask any necessary questions. The responses they give will help you determine who to go with and who to drop. Also, they will assure you of product safety and a sense of reliability. Contact them through email, direct messages, or phone calls for a quicker response. Gauge the time taken by each seller to respond and beware of those who tend to over-promise. Don't always go for cheaply priced but instead consider the quality of hair they sell.

3.      Request for hair samples

Receiving a sample from the wholesale hair vendor saves you the agony of questioning the hair quality. A bulk hair purchase costs a lot of money, and some people choose to risk or rely on the seller's word. Always go for companies that offer samples. This proves that their products are actual, and if the quality impresses you, go ahead and buy in bulk.

4.      Go through their term and conditions

Check the fine details representing their products on the website. Any reliable wholesale hair vendor has all the essential information on their site. They are clear about the conditions on sales, return policy, shipping process and time, and other factors. Avoid sites that lack or have insufficient data as they may be conmen or unreliable vendors.

5.      Ensure the modes of payment are legit

Confirm that the hair company has the proper payment channels. Your payment should be traceable, and receipts offered as proof of purchase. Ensure your card information or account details are secure before choosing a vendor.


Getting the right hair supplier should be part of your business plan. It determines how successful it will be once everything is in place. Research extensively for a seller and engage them to know if they offer your desired products and their reliability. A company that meets all your expectations helps you build trust and is easier to work with for an extended period.