How to care for your real crystal necklace?

How to care for your real crystal necklace?

It's one thing to buy a crystal necklace and another to care for it. If you want to ensure that your chain keeps looking as new as it was when you got it, you should read this article to the end. You can also click the link go for sale if you're looking to purchase or add a crystal necklace to your jewel collection.

Without further ado, let's look into how you can care for your jewelry.

  1. If there's any form of stretch cord in your necklace, it'd be best to keep it out of the water, and if you feel like the elastic is wearing out or you feel lax in the cord, then you could take it to an expert jeweler
  2. If there's any electroplated metal in the necklace, then you should prepare for a time when it fades. Plated metals don't last very long.
  3. If there's any wire component in the jewelry, make sure you treat it gently to avoid bending the item out of shape.
  4. Use a polishing cloth or a cleaning solution for jewelry when you want to clean out metals that are easily oxidized
  5. Toothpaste and a small brush works well to keep plated metals clean
  6. A solution of equal parts of flour, salt, and vinegar can clean copper but not soft stones. Make sure that the vinegar doesn't react with any jewelry component before you use it.
  7. To prevent Sterling silver from turning your finger green due to its copper. You can apply a coat of nail polish to your jewelry.
  8. It takes patience to untangle chains that are knotted together. Lots of patience. If you want to make sure you don't cause damage to any of your Crystal necklaces, make sure to take your time and use a pointy object to work your way in the middle of the tangle. When you feel the loosening of the chains, it'll be easier to untangle
  9. Sealing your jewelry is essential, especially if you're allergic to a metal or stone component. You can also make use of a jewelry shield or transparent nail polish to coat.
  10. Keep your jewelry away from water. If you can't tell if water damages it, there's no need to experiment. You can ask questions from professionals if you have any doubts
  11. If a crystal comes off, you can glue it back in place or give it to a professional to fix.
  12. If you can't fix any broken pieces, be creative and turn them into something else or make them part of something, such as décor for your garden pots.
  13. Some crystals change color due to different environmental conditions or when exposed to too much sunlight. If this happens, just accept it for what it is.


Crystal necklaces, especially those made up of different metals, can be hard to maintain and preserve. However, with these tips, you can be sure of longer-lasting, ever shiny jewelry.