A Simple Guide To why Huawei Mini Speaker is a worth Purchase

A Simple Guide To why Huawei Mini Speaker is a worth Purchase

The Huawei mini speaker is a small wireless speaker whose primary function is playing music. Furthermore, the Huawei mini speaker technology includes Bluetooth. Therefore, one can use it to play music from their phones or computers. If you plan to buy speaker, it is best to purchase it from a reputable Huawei seller. Additionally, the Huawei mini speaker has several features that ensure its efficient operationality. Below are eight primary reasons to buy a Huawei mini speaker.

Primary features of the Huawei mini speaker

1. Wireless

The Huawei mini speaker allows for wireless connectivity. Meaning you will not have any trouble yourself with any additional wiring. Furthermore, the wireless connectivity of the speaker ensures that it is portable. Therefore, you can easily carry them to whatever location you want to.

2. Loud sound

The Huawei mini speaker is equipped with a 3W full-range speaker. It, therefore, has a loud sound. The loud sound ensures that the music played is loud enough and can be listened to by several people.

3. Minimal design

The Huawei mini speaker has a minimal design and a black color. The minimal design and black color ensure that it can blend with any background. Therefore, it can easily match your home or office design.

4. Bluetooth

Today, Bluetooth presence in most entertainment devices is crucial. Therefore, the Bluetooth connection is one of the best Huawei mini speaker features. It ensures that the speaker can function effectively. Furthermore, it allows one to play sound from their phones or computers efficiently. Additionally, the Bluetooth connection allows one to answer calls from their Bluetooth device.

5. Battery of a Huawei mini speaker

Like any other device, the Huawei mini speaker requires the battery to be present to work efficiently. The Huawei battery’s capacity is nominal, about 660m/AH. Therefore, it can last for more than 2.5 hours. Thus, it allows one to have ample time to listen to music. It also allows for a playtime of about four hours. Additionally, the range of its power supply is 3W. Therefore, the Huawei mini speaker is developed with your enjoyment in mind.

6. Huawei mini speaker Net weight

The Huawei mini speaker has a net weight of about 101g. The net weight ensures that the mini speaker is lightweight and easy to carry around. Furthermore, its lightweight plays a crucial role in its portability.

7. Waterproof

If any electronic comes into contact with water, its operation efficiency may be impacted. Therefore, the Huawei mini speaker has a waterproofness of about IP*4. The critical point to note is that it would be best to avoid immersing it in water. Even though it has a certain degree of waterproofness, avoiding contact with water will ensure its longevity.

8. Dimension

The Huawei mini speaker has a dimension of 50*56.3mm. The dimension present ensures that the Huawei mini speaker has a small size. The small size means that one can easily carry the speaker around.


The Huawei mini speaker is manufactured for one’s enjoyment. Furthermore, it has a loud sound that ensures that several people enjoy it. Its portability also ensures that you can carry it around. If you wish to buy the speaker, it is essential to know its primary features. The above features will help guide you in understanding the speaker better.